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How Pets Heal Us

Could your furry friend be your best medicine? Of all the ways to help heal ourselves, pets are often overlooked. They might be just what the doctor ordered. >

SHE is YOU – Ria Story

Ria Story had a successful career and a dark secret. When she opened up about her past, it created a new avenue for recovery―and a new career. >

Ten Random Acts of Kindness We Love

From electricity bills to school lunches to caramel macchiatos, gift-giving comes in all shapes and sizes―you don’t even need a penny to brighten someone’s day. >

Venus Williams Owns Her Mistakes

The four-time gold medal-winning tennis player has a system for keeping it loose. It involves alone time, enjoying the benefits of aunthood, and karaoke. >

The Benefits of a Heart Healthy Diet

The heart never takes time off working for us. Neither should we stop feeding it the best food possible. Follow these heart-healthy food choices. >

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