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Where Does Kate Walsh Get Her Power?

Embracing menopause, letting go, collaborating, and self-care keep the Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice star on track

Worry? Why? As the prolific writer, publisher and philosopher Elbert Hubbard wisely said, “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” Just ask Kate Walsh. “Worrying is a waste of time and energy. It is super inefficient,” said the actress, producer and entrepreneur.

These days the Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice actress is working on more projects than ever. She currently co-stars in the rom-com Sell By. Her Sci-Fi film 3022 debuts in November. Early next year, Honest Thief, starring Liam Neeson, will be released. If that’s not enough, she has a “super top secret Toronto project,” and is about to head to Los Angeles to sell another.

Amid her nonstop schedule, Walsh has found that worrying less has been a game-changer. “I’m honestly living my best life and feel better than ever,” she said. Letting go has helped her feel more in control and empowered. “I still have anxiety and worry,” she explained. “I think, how is this going to happen? How am I going to time manage? I believe a lot of women identify with having a lot of different things going on all at once.”

Walsh questions herself. Should I quit that project? Should I abort that mission because I don’t know how it’s going to turn out? What if it’s worse than bad? Then she tells herself to stop obsessing. “I think, just stay in the boat. Stay in the process and keep going,” she said. “I still have those thoughts and anxieties but I have calmed down a lot.”

Walsh recently offered insights into the positive changes that have helped her transform.

What has helped you feel more in charge of your life?
I used to be much more alpha and proactive. But now I’m much more collaborative. I have a great team of people around me who help me a lot with everything. I have a better infrastructure to hold everything together. In every aspect of my life it literally takes a village. I wouldn’t be able to do any of what I do without my amazing assistant who runs my world. And then I have my agents and managers.

In addition to acting, you also produce projects and have a lifestyle perfume brand, Boyfriend. How do you balance it all?
Most of us, especially women, ask, “How do we manage to have a more balanced life? And how do we do more?” I don’t know if you can all the time. For me, it’s a very organic day-to-day thing. I think, what takes precedence today? What needs my attention this minute? Also, my self care comes first, like sleep, nutrition, meditation and exercise. Every day it’s a brand new slate. I think, okay where am I right now?

You recently partnered with the supplement EQUELLE to help change the way menopause is discussed and inspire women to be more candid. Why was that important to you?
There is not a lot of conversation or information in the culture about this change of life. Women feel panic, fear and anxiety about it. It is by and large considered haunted, which seems shocking to me. I happened to start menopause at 39 and I am still going through it at almost 52. What I love about partnering with EQUELLE is that it is all natural. It’s plant-based and bonds to the estrogen receptors. So it helps with the heat and muscle aches. It is also important to offer alternatives for women who are looking to go through this transition in a holistic, healthy and safe way, while also embracing it. I thought why are all these people freaking out? Let’s talk about it. Let’s offer more choices. Women think I can either take hormone replacements or my hair is going to fall out and my skin will turn to crepe paper. And that is just not the truth.

What are some specific things you do to take care of yourself?
There are basic things like exercise and sleep. I also believe in embracing menopause. In our culture we are focused on fighting it instead of embracing. For me it’s about having good nutrition and trying to keep balanced. I do protein smoothies. There is a Fab Four smoothie out there that has protein, fiber and good high fats. I know people have a lot of fear about fats. But having good fats in my diet helps my hair health, skin texture and tone.

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